‘Free Willy’ Dies of Pneumonia

December 16, 2003

I thought this was so much more worthy of recognition than Saddam Hussein being captured:

Keiko, the killer whale star of the “Free Willy” movies, was buried Monday in a snow-bound pasture during the deep darkness of Nordic winter in a ceremony kept secret from the public.

The roughly six-ton whale died Friday in a Norwegian bay where his team was trying to reintroduce him to the wild. His trainers said the likely cause of death was pneumonia.

“We wanted to let him be at peace,” said Dane Richards, one of his caretakers. “He’s free now and in the wild.”

Free to rot in a desolate and dark area of the earth that no man should ever set foot in. But really, how often does a 6 ton whale, genetically designed to swim the world’s freezing oceans, die of pneumonia? It can’t be often. Can’t be! It has to be some sort of a christmas miracle!!!~1

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