Gobble gobble

November 26, 2006

I wrote a poem inspired by this year’s memorable holiday season and have decided to share it. Here it is:

It smells like apple pie and dead leaves
and I want to fuck.
Where are you and that wretched slit of yours?
And who is plugging it now,
who’s got your mouth open and moaning,
that one you can’t keep shut anyhow?
I can still smell you beneath my booze breath
I can still feel your skin on my rough hands…
You’re just gone
along with all that silly shit I used to adore.
And that’s all
I’m truly Thankful for.

Maybe next time I’ll write you all a Haiku about Christmas!

Happy thanksgiving yaaaaay

O Glorious Birthday,

November 26, 2006

It has come to pass that on January 1st 2007, I will be partying (vomitting) somewhere in New Orleans, Louisiana. This has been approved and sponsored by my older sister who I doth love very much.

Seriously though, New Orleans! Yeah, so it’s been devastated and robbed of its very soul — that doesn’t mean there isn’t crazy stuff going on! And the French Quarter is still there. And maybe some absinthe. Sweet, sweet absinthe, how I will find you. I will FIND YOU.

I have strayed from the topic. This post today is to come up with some things to do. We’ll be staying at a very nice hotel and I’m sure we’ll drink and visit the French Quarter, which will be an experience unto itself (finally I shall walk in the footsteps of Ignatius J. Reilly), and no doubt just being there will be enough, but I ask you, my dear readers, the throngs of you, do you have any ideas?

Please comment, cause there’s gotta be something to do down there that I haven’t thought of. ASIDE FROM DISROBING AND REQUESTING BEADS. AND COLLECTING AN STD. Those two have been judged and deemed unworthy of the cause. Even though I would get some king sized beads and some king sized crabs. Always #1 baby.