I’m Delicate Like A Flower

February 22, 2007

This video and the comments it’s received on Youtube has me laughing my balls off. I love how some people are so outraged and confused.

Someone should forcibly seize control of the Fox News headquarters and air the What What video over and over again. Millions of heads would explode.

who is this guy and wtf is he trying to do with this video?

This has got to be the absolute gayest thing that has ever existed.

this shit is seriosly gay


i’m not sure what just happened there. something. definitely not nothing.

The Wheel of Food

February 15, 2007

This is quite possibly the best website I have seen in ages.

Behold the WHEEL OF FOOD!

If I had a car available right now, I’d go and eat at the Azteca Mexican restaurant just because The Wheel said so. It’s important to do what The Wheel says. If you’re going to partake of its magical abilities, it’s best to follow through on its orders, lest The Wheel become angry.


February 1, 2007

The whole Adult Swim terror scare thing is funny.

I think it’s pretty obvious who screwed up here. Not the Aqua Teen Hunger Force guys or Turner, but us, for being so completely terrified of ourselves, so paranoid that a flashing lamp with a cartoon character on it is feared to be a bomb placed there by bonafied Axis-of-Evil “terrists” . There were officers at the scene comparing the pandemonium to 9/11, which had me snickering bitterly. Are you kidding me?

At a press conference, the Massachusetts attorney general said something about how it had batteries and wires, so it obviously did not have an innocent purpose. It’s a fucking piece of electronics! Does my DVD player have an agenda too? Does it want to snatch away my freedom and kill my family? What IS innocent any more, crazy lady?

It’s like our entire society is afflicted with PTSD or something. It’s okay to laugh once and a while, everybody. I promise it’s not going to kill you.