The Fearless Joe Namath

January 5, 2004

Something funny to watch…at the Patriots/Jets game a few weeks ago, I saw Joe Namath was to be interviewed on the sidelines. First impression on seeing him and his wobbly, stupid smile was that something was kinda wrong. Then came the interview. They’re talking about the quarterback and this and that, and Joe Namath is talking like he’s either had a stroke, or he’s incredibly fucked up on something. Made me feel sort of bad for him for a second…the “downfall of a respected man” as it were. But he then sprung his attack: he dismisses the ball game and claims it is unimportant next to his urges for the girl interviewing him, and commences leaning inward waiting for her to surrender.

Anyway, someone sent me the video. And it turns out he was definitely trashed out of his mind as you can see:

Football games sure are fun to watch, especially when there’s a drunken Joe Namath on the sidelines hitting on random women. Madden, in all of his hot dog scarfing glory, could never top that.


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