This is humorous in a painful way. Rick Steves, that guy who does travel shows on PBS, is having to edit things out of his show for fear of backlash from the FCC.

Coming down the home stretch on the production of our latest TV series, our shows are under review while public television executives consider the nudity shown in the paintings we feature. Suddenly, it seems, Titian’s Venus in Madrid’s Prado museum may be too racy for the American public…and too risky for a TV station to air.


Thanks a lot conservatives, I don’t know what I would do if I had to see a penis on an ancient statue. I might just blow a gasket and turn into a satanist or something. I’ll go to church right now to wash the sinful scene from my head. Also, I’ll be staging a book burning tonight in my back yard if you would like to come. Oh, and… Bush for reelection!

It’s Olympics time

August 14, 2004

Ah, there’s nothing like sitting on your fat ass at home and watching tanned and fit individuals competing for medals.

Opening ceremony was pretty cool, I have to say. The lasers and the human-art-statue-things were well done. Then again… it’s all pretty much ruined when those idiots from Good Morning America open their mouths. I mean, it’s hard to imagine you’re watching something historic when they’re making jokes about Djibouti. Thanks a lot Katie Couric. Ass.

Also, what’s with people taking camcorders on the parade of nations march? How can you not feel like a bum? You’re going to be on TV broadcasted around the fucking world, do you really need much more evidence to prove you were there? The last thing I’d want to do is show up and look like a Japanese tourist

Other stuff:

Koreas represented together holding one flag? Hath hell frozen over?
A-rabs who can shoot… SECURITY!?
Lichtenstein. Bahaha.
Look ma, I made it across the border