It was comforting knowing this guy was out there.
Today I wear black for you, Johnny 😦

The sweet smell of apathy

February 1, 2003

I’m standing in the kitchen unwrapping my new NINJA TURTLES: The Movie DVD, and my dad says “The shuttle went down!” and I say, “What shuttle?”

17 years ago, families sat huddled around their televisions with tear filled eyes as they watched the beautiful Challenger collapse into nothingness. Today, we’re making note to stay away from the scattered pieces of Columbia debris as we flip through channels in search of MacGyver re-runs. Radiation alert!

Things only seem to get more interesting.

Or less… I’m not sure which.

From time to time, I find myself wondering “What incredible inventions would have been created had 50 million people not died in World War 2, or World War 1, or any other war?” Out of that many millions of people, there had to be some fantastic, earth shattering ideas, right? More gimmicky fast food restaurants and atomic bombs and what not.

And then I see this:

And now I just sit and think, well, maybe wars are good. In the infamous words of Fear, “Let’s have a war so you can go and die.”