Another Shitty Superbowl

January 21, 2008

My prediction, to be specific, was a Patriots and Packers superbowl.

I didn’t think that Favre would get his last Superbowl win, but I thought it would be really neat if he did, if he some how pulled it off. The man could leave with his win and go into the hall of fame, he’d be a worthy NFL hero, the end.

Then the Giants won. The Giants. FUCK!

Led by a Manning QB. There is nothing worse, folks. Peyton himself couldn’t make it, so his incompetent younger brother snuck through the NFC and now he’s going to be in the Super Bowl where he’ll be absolutely destroyed by a professional football team.

This year has been nothing but shit — your average fantasy football player will agree. If someone wasn’t injured, then they were pulled. If they were pulled, they were put back in. If someone was put back in, they were injured again.

It’s insane, and despite my dislike for a “perfect” Patriot team, I’ll actually be happy for them if they win.

They’ll prove that the NFL was nothing but failure this year. A good team won. The rest failed. That trophy will mean a whole lot more this year — not to a Patriot, who will of course win the Superbowl, but to every failed team in the league. You fucked up. You really fucked it all up. Badly.

And yet you’re banking millions.


2 Responses to “Another Shitty Superbowl”

  1. Michael Lynch Says:

    So, I haven’t looked at your site in a very long time. Happened to look today, and I am so very happy that I did.


    …Can’t believe you wrote this diatribe, criticizing and counting out Eli and the bastard pulled of one of the better Super Bowl victories I can remember — even if that fateful 4th down toss was luck.

    …Can’t believe you continue to write off Peyton and Eli just because Peyton was lauded in college.

    …Can’t believe you hold a grudge when all these two have done is play well for successful teams.

    …Can’t believe you were wrong and didn’t have the balls to admit it.

  2. Drew Says:

    Fuck you, mister, and fuck the Mannings. Both of them think they’re angels sent down from the football gods above and I despise them for it. Peyton is a whiny bitch when he isn’t winning and things don’t go his way, he seems to believe it is everyone else’s fault if he is sacked or intercepted. Then there’s Eli, who has the typical younger brother syndrome going on and luckily for him he managed to sneak that win in, otherwise there would be years of therapy in order…

    My prediction about the Super Bowl sucking at least stood correct. I didn’t factor in Eli throwing a fluke pass (that he could never replicate again in his life) that would put his team back into a position to win… so I’ll at least own up to that.

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