God damn it, registerfly

April 15, 2007

Cry with me fellow internet geeks; I was looking to transfer over the suckerpunched domain to Registerfly since they’re cheap and effective, and I was mid-transfer when I found out that they had gone tits up and their ICANN accreditation was revoked.

I don’t even know what ICANN means, but it’s something official, and so I assume it means the officiates of the internets have deemed the company not worthy. Why? Because the two owners of Registerfly were apparently gay lovers and now they’re having a gay lover’s spat, and thusly, there was a power grab for Registerfly. I’m not even kidding.

You know, some times it’s hard to make decisions about which company to go with over the net. Who is reliable, who is trustworthy. Everybody’s heard of Amazon. I figured everybody had heard of Registerfly. They seemed to be well regarded when I looked them up on Google. But I forgot one thing. No where in my quest for a quality domain registrar did I consider the “gay lover” factor. Or any type of lover, for that matter. I mean, had anyone thought of it? I suggest Amazon stockholders look into the owners of that company just in case. Perhaps it’s owned by a British pedophile and 12 year old Thai hooker. Who knows! You can’t trust anybody these days.

All I know is that $7.99 of my precious funds are in some sort of internet limbo and it sucks.


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