February 1, 2007

The whole Adult Swim terror scare thing is funny.

I think it’s pretty obvious who screwed up here. Not the Aqua Teen Hunger Force guys or Turner, but us, for being so completely terrified of ourselves, so paranoid that a flashing lamp with a cartoon character on it is feared to be a bomb placed there by bonafied Axis-of-Evil “terrists” . There were officers at the scene comparing the pandemonium to 9/11, which had me snickering bitterly. Are you kidding me?

At a press conference, the Massachusetts attorney general said something about how it had batteries and wires, so it obviously did not have an innocent purpose. It’s a fucking piece of electronics! Does my DVD player have an agenda too? Does it want to snatch away my freedom and kill my family? What IS innocent any more, crazy lady?

It’s like our entire society is afflicted with PTSD or something. It’s okay to laugh once and a while, everybody. I promise it’s not going to kill you.

4 Responses to “ROCK UP, AMERICA”

  1. DBW Says:

    While I do agree that we now seem to over react to things lately, Im not so sure this was one of them.
    ATHF is not widely known, so your average person – myself included, even though I know of them – isnt going to recognize a specific character from the show, let alone one of the least recognizeable ones, nor would we have any reason to think this was some sort of publicity stunt for an upcoming movie. The “ad” was designed to be vague, and it was designed to get people talking… like were doing now.
    So I agree that the people responsible didnt necessarily fuck up cuz they knew exactly what they were doing. However, they were clearly irresponsible in their actions.
    Although the current state of the world would cause most of us to be a little edgy, lets forget 911 and the war(s) for a second. If you saw a device, with flashing lights, a power source, and wires inside of a subway or on the supports of a bridge – known terrorist targets – are you just gonna laugh it off or are you going to give it a second look and wonder what it is and is there the potential there for it to be a bomb, and then call the proper people to deal with it? To walk by it pretending its not a concern, no matter how innocent it eventually turns out to be, is just as irresponsible as the people that placed it there in the first place.
    Id rather have one “crazy lady” running around screaming “bomb” at something that turned out to be your dvd player than to have one “logically sane person” laugh at the teddy bear with flashing red lights and wires sticking out of the hole cut in its side that moments later will blow up a building killing everyone inside.

  2. Drew Says:

    Death by lite brite…?

    I still think that’s crap. It’s an electronic device, why would you immediately assume it’s a bomb? Did you know that the same things were placed in 10 other cities, and Boston was the only one to pussy out and declare it the end of the world? So, that’s a plus. Anyway, I’m not questioning people for calling it in or being suspicious if it wasn’t lit up and was in a weird area like a subway, but the local government is complaining about how they spent half a million bucks running around like chickens with their heads cut off, when it’s their fault for over reacting in the first place.

  3. DBW Says:

    I still dont see how anybody over reacted to numerous suspicious devices planted at key locations throughout the city. They acted the way they should have acted: responsibly. They have a responsibility to protect their city and their people no matter how “stupid” they look in the end.
    Yeah, I do realize that nine other cities had the same promotion going, but so far theres been no word on where these devices were placed to promote the movie. Perhaps they were placed in “approptiate” areas, but honestly, considering the nature of the device, I cant sit here and name you one appropriate place to put it without drawing attention.
    Another reason Boston was different than other cities was because Turner Broadcasting hired an ad company, the ad company then turned around and hired a third party inside the city to place the devices, this third party – a videographer who was probably sitting back recording the reactions – placed the devices in specific places that would cause panic (and possibly give him some “awesome” footage) like an intersection, a bus stop, the supports of two bridges, a medical center, and a subway, and so on.
    Except for the bus stop, those arent your typical places to promote a movie. And definitely not places where youd expect to see a suspicious package left randomly. It was designed to cause fear, and it did just that. If they wanted a different outcome, they would have done it differently.
    Also, of all the characters chosen, they had to choose the one with his middle finger up saying “Fuck you” or even “Fuck you America” to those that didnt know it was a cartoon character. Why not the french fry character? Why not the shake? Because they werent aggressive enough. Sure, a blinking ball of hamburger meat would still get my attention, but possibly not as much as a blinking circuit board with a character saying “fuck you” on the support of a major bridge.
    It was totally irresponsible on the part of everyone involved with this “promotion” no matter how much it got people talking. And if I was Boston, Id be asking for repayment of the money I spent trying to figure out what was going on. And if I was Turner, Id be offering up some “good will” money before it got to the point of being asked for it. And dont be surprised if it happens.

  4. Drew Says:

    They placed lite brites in strategic positions solely to strike fear and panic into the hearts of Bostonians? I don’t think so. I think they wanted a lot of people (on a highway, for instance) to randomly see something funny and… insulting. Yeah, for the in your face element or whatever. Still don’t think any of the pant shitting by everyone was necessary.

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