Obligatory Post

August 31, 2006

Factotum will be trash. There. Now I can sleep.

I think I lost all interest when I saw Matt Dillon was starring as Chinaski. He’s too pretty to play a role like that. The thing about Bukowski is that the fucker was scarred. He spent his prom night peaking in at the dance floor from the bushes outside, he first had sex at age 24 with a 300 pound woman who broke his bed. He was damaged. Bukowski was who he was because of his physical appearance; he grew up with boils and horrific acne all over his face and back that brought on all sorts of physical and emotional pain… and here you have pretty boy airhead Matt Dillon trying to play him. Doesn’t make any sense. I don’t care if he’s a fan of Bukowski. So is fucking Bono. it doesn’t mean I want to watch Bono play an alcoholic postal worker. I’ll pass. Give me somebody ugly, with a gravelly, pitted, rough voice. Tom Waits?

Strange seeing more Bukowski movies being churned out, though. My guess is they saw the Johnny Depp / Thompson craze wasn’t dying down, so they figured they could cash in with Bukowski too, another obvious underground hero. Next up is supposedly “Women” with Sean Penn. Jesus, doesn’t that make all kinds of sense…

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