I’ve been had… along with the entire Democratic Party

July 26, 2006


Fuck you.



I logged in to check my bank account on the 24th to find that I had a charge to my card for $9.95 from a KCSOFTLLC COM. It was a POS withdrawal from Rochester, New York. I haven’t spent 9 bucks on anything in the past few days, so it was pretty obvious to me right then and there that something was askew. I contacted my bank about the unauthorized charge and was told I had to fill out an affidavit, which meant I had to take time to run over there today and fill out the paperwork and to put a hold on my card. Now I get to wait two weeks for another card… all of this lest I receive more fraudulent charges to my account. Beautiful! How they got my card info, I don’t know. I’ve never been naive enough to fall for a phishing e-mail, so in all likelihood they simply hacked into Amazon, Paypal, or any other “online merchant” I’ve used my card on, and stole my information. I’ll not be using my debit card for online purchases any more, to say the least (stupid me).

Here’s the interesting part: I did a search for the company name once I saw the charge and came up with all sorts of results on Google, from all sorts of people complaining about the same charge, dating back several years. The charge is so low that credit companies and banks will not go after the people doing this — it just isn’t worth it, so the scammers keep on doing it and they keep on making money.

Then I found something that made me laugh. Seems the Democrats can’t unite to to achieve anything these days, including balancing their checkbooks. One of the Google search results was from a website detailing the Democratic Party expenditures for 2006. It lists all the money they’ve spent and who they’ve purchased things from. Well, guess who is on their bill as well? KCSOFTLLC for $9, and the reason for the charge is “Wire Services On Line Svcs”. Yeah, I bet. On line services. Hey, Senator Kerry! Get your men to check their credit card bills! You’ve been had… and this time it wasn’t the American voters that screwed you. Hee.

Oh, and lay off the sub sandwiches, guys. $283 on Quizno’s and $1,000 at Subway? Truly un-American! Try some cheese burgers and Freedom Fries for once, ya damn commies! (Could be worse; if you look at the Republican expenditures you’ll find very little spent on food. My guess is they just feed their supporters human babies. Poor people’s babies. You heard it here first.)


4 Responses to “I’ve been had… along with the entire Democratic Party”

  1. I got the same charge on 8-23-06.
    Called the Bank, cancelled my credit card, report to FTC. gov, Lt Gov state of california, and
    Lt Gov state of New York as per instructons from Bank of America staff (seems they were not surprised about this
    fraudulent charge; gee something makes me think they knew about this ratty scam before I called in.

    Anyway, betcha I don’t get my $ back but I sincerely hope that it does not have anything to do with the Democratic party as it WAS listed on a Google search. I am an independent but, holy cow, are they THAT much in need of money?? Oh, wait, it’s a right winger sabotaging the Dems. Or perhaps some Muslim Radical based in St. Kitts?

    I just wish someone would stop the scam, but since it’s only $9.95 maybe no one will do anything.
    Hope everyone is vigilant with checking their bank transactions.

  2. Drew Says:

    Nah, I didn’t mean to imply the Democrats had anything to do with it. I just think that their credit cards got scammed too, which is sad if this thing is going so far that even they don’t notice it on their bills.

    I’m sure you’ll get your money back if they determine that it is actually fraudulent. I got mine…

  3. Bilbo Says:

    The scammers are STILL doing the $9.95 scam. I just got hit today, no one seems to know what to do, not even the BBB, they can’t contact the company so they don’t care! I personally told my bank this was a scam, not sure what they will do. As far as I can tell this KCSOFTLLC.COM scam has been going on for at least 3 years. How can they be stopped?

  4. Grl28 Says:

    My card just got charged also from KCSoftLLC in Rochester NY. This is complete bullshit. Ive already sent a letter to the Better Business Bureau, which will do nothing since this isnt a legit business, then sent several letters to the numbers and emails I could find on line, however most of those arent working anymore. Im about to contact the government. Ive already closed my card. But Id also like to extend a very large FUCK YOU to our company KCSOFTLLC.

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