I’m so excited

April 11, 2006

Man, things sure are boring lately. Life just keeps chugging down the line on its own steam and I’m the disinterested passenger in tow. I need something to mix things up… a trip or a new addiction or something. I woke up and tried two cups of coffee to give me a boost and clear my head, but now I’m just disinterested and twitchy.

Suppose finding a second job couldn’t hurt. Maybe I can get another manual labor position where I’m forced to listen to Puerto Rican raggae while things fly past me on a conveyor (shoot me now).

I need some inspiration, that’s all. Something that makes every day worth it.

Speaking of inspiration, I watched a show today about the making of Saved By The Bell and it made me wish those kids were still around to tackle problems and lead the youth of today from their strayed path. So many troubling issues they could take on today, too. Internet predators, MySpace quarrels (“Slater, why am I not in your top 8?”), somebody could break somebody’s iPod accidentally and not tell them about it and then feel guilty and then come clean at the end of the episode…

I wish they were here for me now.

For instance, here’s a clip from an episode where together, through their friendship, they defeat drugs. Jessie is addicted not to coke, not oxycontin, not booze, but yes, you guessed it: caffeine pills. It takes power to shake that caffeine grip. She’s lucky she had the SBTB crew there to do it.

6 Responses to “I’m so excited”

  1. Matt Says:

    Fuck Saved by the bell. Degrassi has been tackling the tough subjects since the 80s. And they’ve been back on the air for about 5 years to “go there’ when other people won’t. The first episode of Degrassi:TNG dealt with predators on the internet.

    You keep your SBTB, I’ll stick with Degrassi.

  2. DBW Says:

    Saved By The Bell was the best high school show ever. All others are just pretenders trying to ride the wave SBTB created. And the best part of the show was watching Kelly Kapowski grow up. Damn she grew up nicely. Oh, and I went to school with Slater. Woohoo! Or something.

  3. Hannah Says:

    Someone just mentioned that episode of SBTB yesterday to me. They were saying the exact same thing. A whole generation will not touch caffine pills because of what they did to Jessie. AH!! By the way, so our visit wasn’t exciting enough?! The rodeo is this weekend…isn’t that excitement enough?! I don’t think we are going to be able to make it, but you must take video..especially if there is blood! Love ya Drew!

  4. Drew Says:

    No way, Matt. Degrassi, from the one episode I saw on late night TV once, looked like a teenage soap opera. Like an OC (ugh) predecessor or something. The reason SBTB was so awesome was because it was cheesy as hell, but it also maneged to get you attached to the characters over time. You grew concerned with their individual fates. It’s like old school wrestling. You know it’s all BS but you love Andre and care if he wins the match. DBW is right, it’s the king

    Hannah – but I wanted you guys to go to the rodeo with me. It just wouldn’t be the same. Besides, I don’t think anybody I know would step foot in Baker to see it.

  5. DBW Says:

    Rodeo? SBTB never went to a rodeo so why should you? I went to one last year at the Fair and one of the little guys in the calf roping thing didnt get roped right or whatever and when the guy jumped off the horse the horse took off and raced all around the arena with the calf flipping, flying, and being strangled behind him. We left right after that. Thats my rodeo story. The end.

  6. Drew Says:

    I don’t feel so bad about missing the rodeo now, Sam. Thanks. I guess.

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