Forget the Moon

April 7, 2006

Oh yes, Natural Ice. The high quality stuff. You can’t tell me these people don’t put some pride into their work. Beer that tastes like piss, AND shitty bottle design to boot.

It’s ok, though. By the end of the night everything will look upside down to me anyway.

On to the headlines of the day:

Alcohol cloud is 463 billion kilometres long
PARIS (AFP) – Astronomers say they have spotted a cloud of alcohol in deep space that measures 463 billion kilometres (288 billion miles) across, a finding that could shed light on how giant stars are formed from primordial gas.

In other news, I have built my own rocket ship and will bid all of you suckers adieu.

One Response to “Forget the Moon”

  1. Matt Says:

    Thats an awesome bottle.
    I saw some really shitty american beer at the liquor store a few days ago and thought of you.

    P.S – My rocket ship is set to fly tomorrow. I’ll beat you there.

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