Football 06

April 6, 2006

Somewhere, as I type this, John Madden is stockpiling hotdogs in preparation for the coming season, Terrell Owens is memorizing his touchdown dance moves, and more importantly, the shit he’ll talk into the cameras about the Eagles, Peyton Manning is sobbing into a bright orange, snot-stained UT pillow about how the pressure is just too much to handle, and Joe Namath is choosing his drink of choice so that he can get shitfaced and harrass Suzy Colbert. It’s all coming together. For it is April now, when the draft hype starts up and the schedules are revealed for all to gaze upon. Man-children everywhere are fidgetting in their seats, wondering if EA’s Madden NFL 07 will be as lame as the last one. Yes, oh yes, it’s the birthing of a new NFL season. Pertinent links are below.

Highlights? Note that one of the first games of the season looks to be Manning vs Manning. That will undoubtedly be worth watching if not just to see how much they suck in comparison to each other. Maybe one of them can choke again and hold back his tears for us in HIGH DEFINITION. That will be awesome. Better yet, zoom in on their parents faces in the stands so we can see how disappointed they are! I can’t wait.

The Louisiana Superdome, the one that was full of evacuees and torn to shreds during Katrina, will be put back to use by the Saints. How’d they get that repaired so quickly? The Saints also have ex-Chargers Drew Brees, who is likely to kick all kinds of ass. Worth watching.

The Cowboys will be playing The Eagles on Oct. 8. The Cowboys “acquired” (or have been infected with the disease that is) Terrel Owens, so that is a must-see.

The Titans, my team of choice, are also making some vital roster changes, so keep an eye on them (if you can’t find them, they’re probably at the Superbowl, biotch). They’re now McNairless, for better or worse. I can’t say I like the way they’re making the changes (see the article where they kicked McNair out of training), but change was needed. So long as they keep Drew Bennett…

On with the list.
NFL Europe games are now broadcast over here in the US on the NFL network, if you get it.

Draft info, which is also shown live on the NFL channel for 16+ hours.
29th/30th of this month.

Televised NFL schedule for 2006.

Pre-season televised NFL schedule.


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