It’s Oscar time! Time for Americans everywhere to huddle around their TVs and worship the rich & famous for being rich & famous. What I love the most is E!’s coverage before the actual show. An hour packed FULL of the truly self-absorbed, walking around in expensive clothing and wallowing in vanity. Jeepers, I can’t get enough. They’re wearing bow ties this year, and the women are showing more shoulder and back! I just blew a fashion load!

Sarcasm. Lots and lots.

I just don’t understand the obsession with the stars. I’m beating a dead horse here, because I’ve spent all of my rant-juice on Paris Hilton and her worthlessness in the past, but man, I’m not sure I’ll ever find the answer. I like movies too, but that doesn’t mean I give a crap about the personal lives of the actors in them. Nor do I really care about the politics of studios or academies and the awards that are given out (which is personal, if you ask me). I suppose the average American’s… or Canadian’s or Briton’s… life is just incredibly boring, and getting a peek at the life of someone who is wealthy, famous and good looking lets your average douche feel somehow involved with these celebrities and this lifestyle that they’ll never, ever experience first hand. They get to live vicariously. When Clooney wins a shiney gold award, they feel like they’ve won one too.

Which brings up a whole bunch of other questions, like, why would you want to be one these stars? Are you that unhappy with yourself and your situation? Do you really believe that what’s most important in life is being famous? Your picture beamed into the living room of millions? The short, simple, and sad answer from most people would probably be “yes.”