Yanni Slaps A Ho

March 7, 2006

“His hands are instruments.”

I was looking through Google News today and made my way past the depressing kidnapping and bombing headlines to the relatively hilarious bitch-slapping headlines. While it’s not cool in my book to obsess over stars because of their wealth and status, it is cool to make fun of them because they did something stupid.

If this news story doesn’t make you laugh, then it’s probable that you don’t know who Yanni is. In that case, like I’ve told others: just picture it says “Michael Bolton Arrested in Alleged Domestic Dispute” and then laugh heartily. Same difference, really. You could also use “Kenny G” as a replacement as well. Really, any easy-listening vomit-inducing artist with bad hair will work just fine.


Yanni Arrested in Alleged Domestic Dispute

Yanni Faces Domestic Battery Charge
By Leon Fooksman
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Published March 7, 2006, 7:54 AM CST

Easy-listening music star Yanni spent a night in jail last week after being accused of slapping his girlfriend during a dispute at his Manalapan, Fla., home.

Yanni, 51, whose legal name is John Yanni Christopher, struck the woman after he told her to leave his beachfront home and she was gathering her belongings Thursday night, a police report said. The woman, Silvia Barthes, 33, of Miami Beach, had a mark on her face and accused him of grabbing her arms and throwing her on a bed, the report said.

The Greece-born keyboardist and composer faces a misdemeanor domestic battery charge. His West Palm Beach-based attorney, Orlando Gonzalez, denied Barthes’ allegations. He called Yanni a non-violent man who would never hurt anyone.

“He’s the most gentle man around,” Gonzalez said. “His hands are his instruments.”

Barthes told police that Yanni was verbally abusive after they returned from dinner. At his house, she was getting her things when he grabbed her clothing off the hangers in the closet and threw them on the floor, she told police. Yanni then gripped and shook her by the forearms, threw her on a bed and jumped on top of her, she said. During the confrontation, he slapped her face, she said.

Police confirmed that Barthes had a swollen and bloody lip, the police report said. Barthes, who declined medical treatment, could not be reached by phone Monday.

Yanni explained to police that she kicked him, even though officers didn’t find any marks on his body, the report said. Yanni hurt his finger from a watch she was wearing, police said.

Yanni and Barthes called police separately, Gonzalez said.

Yanni spent about 11 hours in jail. He was released on his own supervised recognizance Friday, meaning he must check in every week with authorities until the case is resolved.

The musician, who has released more than 10 albums, bought his $7.7 million-appraised home in 1998.

Manalapan Police Chief Clay Walker said Yanni has never been a problem.

“This has never happened before with him in our community,” he said.

5 Responses to “Yanni Slaps A Ho”

  1. DBW Says:

    Two totally different comments.

    1) In your naming of names, you forgot one of the music worlds easiest of easy listeners: John Tesh. Shame on you.

    2) How come the guy is always the one to go to jail? Even if the girl goes, the guy goes too. Cops have never been called to a domestic dispute and said “Lady, youre coming with us. And sir, you have a good night and think about leaving her before things get worse.” The guy could be bleeding all over, half of a broken beer bottle sticking out of his neck, the other half still in the psycho bitches hand, and the cops will still throw his ass on the ground and handcuff him. Ive never understood that.

    Last thing: How embarrassing must it be for that woman to say “Yanni bitch slapped me.”

  2. Drew Says:

    Didn’t John Tesh have a cult in Texas or something and all of the people in the cult were killed by Janet Reno with flame tanks?

    Anyway, I agree…the only thing that could be topped by “Yanni bitch slapped me” is “I was Yanni’s girlfriend.”

  3. Matt Says:

    How did a fag like Yanni, who is 51 get a girl in her early 30s?

  4. Sandoz Says:

    What race is Silvia, she sounded non-white on the 911 call?

  5. Drew Says:

    Uh, there’s a 911 recording?

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