The Dark Side of Garfield

February 21, 2006

I’m not sure I’ll ever look at Garfield the same again. So much for fond childhood memories.

Apparently, some guy had the idea to remove all of Garfield’s speech bubbles from the comic, so it would look like Jon’s just talking to his cat. It makes for a rather dark comic strip, at least in comparison to the original.

I like the one where he’s shouting because all of the food is gone. Without the responses from Garfield he’s now a sad sociopath living alone in an apartment, mumbling and/or yelling at himself. He has no where to project his anger with the world, no one to confide in but his pet cat. It’s so perfect and depressing. Now it just needs a strip showing him in sweatpants with gravy stains, cruising his old minivan around middle school parking lots after work.

It’s like the last time I went to get my palm read.


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  1. .. Says:

    […] Drew discusses the dark side of Garfield (the cat) with illustrated examples. Fun! […]

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