February 5, 2006

Ah yes, that Sunday of the year where you get to ask the inevitable: “what the fuck was with the half time show?” and “did you see that commercial?”

The ads were boring because ABC didn’t wanna get bitchslapped with a fine, and I think “I can’t get no satisfaction” would pretty much sum up the half time show. It’s like each year they try to make it shittier than ever. “What could we do to make it worse this year? Hmm. Oh, I know. The Rolling Stones, and no sound!” Apparently, they couldn’t get the sound to work at all, so when the Rolling Stones came on, Mick Jagger was left to jump around like a fairy and sing to himself for half of the performance. Not that it would matter…people are always making jokes about how old the Rolling Stones are, but I’m seriously wondering if they’re starting to go feeble, cause it sounded like they didn’t know how to play their guitars anymore.

I was really disappointed with the lack of nipples shown, too. Couldn’t you whip out a pierced tit, Jagger, or your old wrinkly balls or something? I mean… something dramatic…a big fuck you to the FCC? Rock and fucking roll, man! You’re only getting older! Go out with a bang. Nothing will top Janet’s big black pierced saucer and the strange look on her face, but why not try? As it stands, the only bright side to this superbowl was that Justin Timberlake wasn’t there in all of his douchebaggery.

That, and Seattle lost. Next to my hatred for Peyton & Eli Manning would be my dislike for that cocky Hasselbeck.”We’re going to take the ball and score!” blah blah blah, nigga! You got smoked!

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