Dennis the Douche

January 21, 2006

Dennis Miller was on Leno tonight. You know what to expect when you see Dennis… loads of crap pawned off as comedy. I had it on for 15 seconds, tops, before he managed to say something completely fucking retarded. First, it was about the illegal spying by our own president, something like “People are just soft today! If there are young arab guys calling Iraq on their cell phones and Bush doesn’t spy on them, I want him out of the White House!” Fine — spy all you like on American citizens, but do it legally, butthole! There is no excuse for anything else. The laws are there for a reason, so cunts like you don’t push the limits and abuse power for your own profit.

Then Leno asks him about global warming and Dennis delivers his really killer joke: “I’m not sure it even exists! Supposedly it is getting warmer…you want me to trust temperature readings from 1910? I’m sorry, it’s not going to happen!” Apparently the “laugh” blinker was working because it got a chuckle from the audience.

1910? Are you kidding me? I was watching Discovery the other day, a show about the Ice Age, and the scientists on the show could pinpoint what the weather was like 10,000 years ago based on the carbon dating in tree trunks. Of course, it is getting hotter. If Dennis Miller had a pair of balls he might realize that they’re sweating more than usual because of the filthy heat. Nevermind that, though! Bush was right: Fuck Kyoto. We’re America, our earth doesn’t get dirty. It’s those euros and crazy slant eyes you gotta worry about!

3 Responses to “Dennis the Douche”

  1. DBW Says:

    Totally agree on the spying thing. Why havent we KILLED THE PRESIDENT already?

    As for the global warming thing, Im not firmly on one side or the other, but I had always believed global warming was an absolute fact, but the I read “State Of Fear” by Michael Crichton and it turns out that theres an ever growing section of the scientific community that aint buying it. Apparently theres just as much data – or at least enough to cast serious doubt – that says Earth goes through warming periods from time to time and has been doing this long before we pesky humans started screwing things up. Im too damn lazy to get my book and type out stats, but after reading it, Im not convinced were in the middle of something out of the ordinary.

  2. Drew Says:

    They probably have an NSA team set up just for you somewhere.

    I dunno about global warming, but I know whatever we’re doing isn’t good

  3. DBW Says:

    I kinda hope they do. I mean, thats my whole point for doing it. I want some secret spying jackass to waste his time on me. I want our government to spend a shitload of money to come try and scare the Hell out of me. “That guy out in California sounds like a terrorist to me. Lets go kidnap him.” Do you know how cool it would be to have a dozen unmarked black cars show up at my house and all these cookie cutter secret agents requesting to talk to me? Itll give me something to write about, no? KILL THE NSA!

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