November 21, 2005

I never thought I would agree with Bush or Cheney on anything, but their claims that we would look like huge cunts if we withdrew from Iraq right now are 100% correct. We can’t pull out now. We made a mess and we have to clean it up, at the continuing cost of our soldiers’ lives. Not only would we look like we were totally defeated, we’d be screwing over quite a few Iraqi people who are not shooting at us, but who are instead depending on us. Again: it’s our mess, our job to clean it up. I just wish the Democrats, or whoever’s making the noise about pulling out, would keep their mouths shut for once (never thought I’d say that either), because it’s making them look stupid. Oppose the war, oppose the idiots who created it — yes. Make ludicrous demands that make you and your supporters look like asses — no. Shoulda done that a while ago when we were all asking “why are we going to war?”

Sure, you got duped with false information. There were no WMDs, Saddam had nothing to do with “the evil terrorists,” you have a legitimate complaint. But why were you dumb enough to trust our dirtbag president in the first place? You should have voted against the war and that should have been that. You didn’t. Now deal with the consequences in a dignified manner, prepare to take the White House back in ’08, and for now, shut up.

4 Responses to “Politics”

  1. DBW Says:

    So many little points to touch on in this one, but Ill comment on two.

    Bush/Cheney knew going into the war that they were misleading their fellow politicians in Washington, the soldiers going to war, the rest of the country staying home, and the leaders of other countires whose support we depended on. They knew they were lying, and they got caught. And ever since the truth came out, theyve been doing their best to wiggle their way out of the noose that continues to tighten around their neck.
    And now by pointing fingers at the people who are couragous enough to stand before the country and say that enough is enough and its time to change what little strategy is being used – at the expense of “looking stupid” – is just yet another example of the current government trying to focus the spotlight away from their fuck up.
    “Yeah, we fucked up. Yeah, we lied to the world. Yeah, we sent our troops on a never ending suicide mission. But dammit, look at the Democrats, dont they look stupid? Come on everybody, look at them and not us.”
    Id much rather have “stupid” politicians with the balls to call bullshit when they see it than to have politicians swimming in said bullshit and trying to say they dont stink.

    And make no mistake – we HAVE lost the war. Yeah, were still fighting, yeah the bad guys are still dying, and that right there is all the proof you need that weve lost. I, in no way, blame the soldiers for any of this, theyre out there giving their lives every single day, but you cant win if the people in charge have no concept of what to do. Were the God damn United States of America, the baddest mother fuckers to ever walk this planet, and we cant defeat a rag tag group of unorganized terrorists and dirt farmers? Thats ridiculous. I heard recently that 80% of Iraqis want us out and 46% think its ok to attack us – there, without question, needs to be a point where we say enough is enough and pull out. Weve already lost the respect of the rest of the world in general and are hated by an ever growing majority of countries – alot of which used to be strong allies – pulling out (like most of our “friends” have) cant possibly do more harm to our rep.

    Viva the vocal majority!!!

    And kill the president!!!

  2. Drew Says:

    Well, I obviously disagree with some of that. I’m all for making Georgie boy look bad, because he deserves it, but calling to pull out just doesn’t seem worthwhile

    I think we’ll have to spend a few more years there to get the Iraqi forces and government to stand on their own feet, and then I think we can leave. What happens after that is up to them. Right now, I think it would be a disaster to leave. Not only would we be the idiots who invaded, we’d be the idiots who invaded, fucked everything up, and left.

    Those politicians with the supposed balls to call bullshit are a little late, in my opinion…

  3. Ted Says:

    Fuck the pain awaayy!! Fuck the pain awwwwaaayyy!!!

  4. Drew Says:

    it looks like I’ve successfully drawn Ted in to make a drunken post at my website

    my job is done here

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