New Elliott Smith tracks

September 22, 2005

Call me a happy man, for tonight when I’m rolling about my room in a drunken misery of sorts, I will have new Elliott Smith songs to listen to. It’s depressing enough when one of your favorite musician dies, but even more so once you find that you’ve exhausted all of his work. You’re left scrambling for whatever outtakes or bootlegs you can find… anything that you might not have heard before. Usually you end up with some low quality recording from some live set, and you are forced to accept it gratefully.

I had no idea Elliott Smith did any studio recordings of these two particular songs and that was a really pleasant surprise. The songs are off of some movie soundtrack called Thumbsucker and both are covers – “Thirteen” by Big Star and “Trouble” by Cat Stevens. Trouble is probably my favorite Cat Stevens song, so when I heard that Elliott covered it I nearly pissed myself. Both songs are great, as expected. I also read that he did a cover of Hey Jude. I need to get my hands on that, if it exists.

Now if Elliott could put out another 5 albums like Tupac Shakur…


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