1976 GMC Vandura Lark

September 17, 2005


My blood boils when I see an auction like this reach 17 hours left with only $1,600 down.

I imagine it as my first “car.” When I flee to Mexico, it will shield me, but it will also serve as a transportation device to and from Publix for beer. I would cry joyful tears if this were my first vehicle, with its 70’s oven and its “KIDS BED ABOVE THE KITCHEN TABLE OR JUST A NICE STORAGE AREA.” I would sob and thank the gods if I could only afford it.

Alas, I won’t be going to Mexico or even Publix to get my beer, not without walking 4 miles across interstate 85; the life vein/sewage pipe of this fair city.

I don’t like traversing this city at a high speed, when it is a blur, let alone at a steady pace where I can devour it as a whole. That would cause me to vomit. Continuously. I’ve done it plenty and have exhausted my inner resources. I rely only on the mercy of others for my transportation, and that’s how it’ll be…for now.


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