Windows Vista

September 15, 2005

Anybody remember the movie Hackers? You know, that movie with Angelina Jolie’s boobs? It also had Lord Nikon and that Cookie Monster virus. Remember what it looked like to hack into the “Gibson”? There were these huge, green, glowing 3D highrise-like “data folders” that would blink when accessed. It was beautiful, if you were a 12 year old geek. At that impressionable age, the sound of the keyboard being tapped, Angelina Jolie’s boobs, and those 3D images made me want to be a hacker…so long as I could careen through digital streets that would require little to no coding know-how (who the hell would want to do that?) Needless to say, to this day my computer knowledge does not extend past building a webpage or finding porn, music, or movies. I’m quite comfortable with that.

Anyway, Windows Vista looks like they’re headed in that direction. The direction where everything looks fucking cool, the Hackers direction, except it is user friendly and… without hacking. It looks awesome, at least to a nerd like myself.

Look at this, for example.


There’s more images and a review of the beta here.

One Response to “Windows Vista”

  1. DBW Says:

    Yeah, yeah, it looks decent, but its just more computer crap I have to learn. My brain just cant deal with it.

    Speaking of Microsoft, heres a video of Bill Gates meeting Napoleon Dynamite. Crappy quality, but it has its humerous points.

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