S.S. Styrofoam on its maiden voyage

August 30, 2005

A three hour tour, a three hour tour…
If that were me, I would use it as a Viking vessel, rowing from storefront to storefront to pillage and raid. I would recruit other Styrofoam vikings and create a vast Styrofoam Viking Armada, and we would rule the flooded city that is New Orleans. With our speedy flotation devices and umbrella oars, we could strike anywhere at any time. Prepare yourself, Coast Guard!


God, I’m an asshole.


4 Responses to “S.S. Styrofoam on its maiden voyage”

  1. DBW Says:

    Indeed, youre an asshole. However, Id join you on your Viking raids.

  2. MC Taxed Says:

    This is by far one of the funniest things I have ever seen and read.
    Abit harsh to the people who care but if your like me then its all ok.
    Keeping coming buh.

    I will join your Styrofoam Viking Armada, but lets wait for the next storm yea, pointless now as all the good stuff will be gone.

  3. Mark Says:

    That guy should be taking onboard paying passengers.

  4. petey potato Says:

    hey that is fuckin quality i like alot keep up the good work

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