Save Hollywood – Kill A Baldwin

August 25, 2005

I’ve had a couple of ideas for t-shirts over the years, but I’ve never really known of any way to go about bringing them to life. Well, thanks to the wonder of the internet, things have changed, and I have a creation. Sort of. I mean, it doesn’t physically exist, and the odds of anyone purchasing it are slim, but I had to see it done. I would buy my the shirt from myself, but I have no money.

I present to you: Save Hollywood Kill A Baldwin!
Click here for my shop

When I added my own images to the shirt, the price went through the roof (ink prices and what not?). I know that if anyone ever decides to buy this, no matter how unlikely, they are not going to pay $20 for it… so I opted not to use my better pistol and I used a stock image provided on their website. But the text is all mine, baby.


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