Let ze sveet musik calm you sool

July 28, 2005

I’ve added this Radio.Blog thing to my website, as you will see on the right side of this page. In it you can click on a song and treat yourself to a sample of whatever is making my ears bleed this week while reading whatever garbage I’ve posted to my website. Nice combination, no? I’ll probably update it every once and a while when I find something new I’m obsessed with, given 1&1 doesn’t get angry and shut me down or something.

This week we have:

The Fruit Bats – The Wind that Blew My Heart Away
..which is just a sort of a melancholy song with lyrics equivalent to “my heart is broken but I am full of Oxycontin and liquor so it is ok,” or something like that. Well, that’s my spin on it anyhow.

Youth Group – Piece of Wood
I love the lyrics on this one as well. “All I am is a piece of wood, cut from something living.” Same idea as above, I assume, but I would think it’s a song you write years later when you’re older and bitter and lack any emotion. I think I can probably identify with this song more than the previous.

Choke – This Forced Hour
“These lifeless eyes and tired smiles, I can’t hide,” yeah, these guys are good. I’ve been listening to them a lot while working out to keep me moving. I can safely say after several listenings that this CD is their best. I never get tired of what they do with those guitars. WEARS ME DO-O-O-WN!

Refused – New Noise
Not a new song by any means, but I’ve been listening to Refused a lot lately too. Lots and lots of energy put into their music. This and some Red Bull will probably get you going on your way towards a mild heart attack.

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