iRiver comes through

July 28, 2005

I really can’t believe this one: let it be known that iRiver support kicks ass. They’re just incredibly slow. It took 2-3 weeks to finally get a response, but the response was short and sweet: “Hello Drew,
Your request for a replacement unit has been approved. Your RMA number is xxxx”

My iRiver H-120 mp3 player died a month or so ago, if you were unawares, and iRiver gives a one year warranty on their products. I was going to be screwed if they asked for an invoice, so I was sort of freaking out. I didn’t have a receipt and on top of that, I’m pretty sure I was over warranty. My registration on their website says that I bought it when I registered it and maybe they go on that fact alone… the honor system and such. I don’t know, but I’m happy they’re coming through, because sans my iRiver I am but a shell of a man. I really miss it.

I don’t have a job at the moment, so had they not helped a brotha out, I would have had to wait until I could find a job and then I’d probably have bought the Cowon X5 cause by that point I wouldn’t have wanted anything to do with iRiver. It would have been a long, shitty process and one without sweet mp3s playing in my ear. Alas, my worries should be over. Come on home to daddy, H-120. Come on home.

And now on to whacky news items. Here‘s more proof that childbirth isn’t a grand and beautiful thing. Richard Robles the 3rd may be a healthy baby boy, but on the playground embarrassment scale, being shat into a toilet takes #1 above being named Gaylord, and so he’s just plain screwed.

July 23, 2005 (WHITTIER, Calif.) — A woman and her husband said they delivered their baby boy in the toilet at their home after hospital staff told the mother she was not ready to give birth.

The couple, Leah and Richard Robles Jr., said they spent five hours at Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital on July 9 but went home after they were told she was not ready to deliver. Fifty minutes after arriving home, Leah had the baby in the toilet after feeling the urge to use the restroom.

The baby, Richard Robles III, is healthy.

The hospital’s spokeswoman, Wendy Flores, said she could not comment because of federal patient privacy laws.

Leah, who also has a 5-year-old daughter, said she and her husband went to the hospital because she was past her due date, bleeding and having contractions less than two minutes apart. When the couple returned home, Leah used the toilet, and suddenly realized she was having the baby.

She yelled out to her husband, “I think I’m having the baby.”

Her husband yelled back, “No you’re not, honey. Come back to bed.”

A few seconds later, Richard Robles III emerged face up in the toilet.

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