Sufjan Stevens, NPR, and Jimmy Stewart’s bulge

July 15, 2005

I love NPR. They are the last radio station worth listening to. They soothe one’s inner beast with their calm voices and choice array of classical music. And I like Sufjan Stevens. This is a man who is attempting to write a full album for each state in our fair union. Will he succeed? Probably not, but he’s sure giving it a shot, and you can’t hate him for it. Currently he’s got Illinois and Michigan down (only 48 more to go). They’re both great albums and as I was reading on ImJasonH’s blog, he’s already got a song made for a town in Arkansas. It’s good. Read the post and download NPR’s segment about him, where they interview the townspeople. It’s funny and features the new song (available here), which is sort of haunting. On the first listening I was convinced that there was some timeless message he was trying to convey, but it’s just about a bird and some shitty town in Arkansas. And Arkansas is a vile place. We all know that. So how does it come out so beautiful?

I also liked how one of the old guys interviewed from the town sounded exactly like Jimmy Stewart. Which is weird, because Stewart was British and his American accent was all fucked up. What’s weirder than that, you ask? Jimmy Stewart wearing chaps, and an unsightly bulge (great movie, Bend of the River). I knew I’d be able to unleash that picture on the public at some point, I just couldn’t think of any good way to do it. Then I listened to NPR. It’s all connected. Don’t question it. If that isn’t enough to make you cringe or ruin your memories of It’s A Wonderful Life, I also have Samuel Jackson lounging around on a porch drinking lemonade and scaring small children AND Tara Reid’s mashed-up nipple. Plastic surgery isn’t worth it, kids, there’s your proof. See how I just did a subtle maneuver into conversation about genitalia and boobs? It’s what I do, people.


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