Hurry up, already

July 10, 2005

For whatever reason, I assumed Dennis would be hitting tonight. So I waited and waited for the power to flicker so I could open my cans of Miller and guzzle, but it didn’t happen. Then I checked and it said it would hit Sunday in the pm. That was sort of a let down. Mostly because I realized I was so far removed from reality that I probably do not have a chance of ever being entered back into it again. As 2 am neared and Tommy Boy was coming to an end on my TV, I figured I would shotgun a beer for the hell of it and then head to bed, and so I cut a hole into the can and beer shot all over me and hit my ceiling fan. And that’s when I realized I was a fucking idiot. The whole shotgunning thing is relatively new to me, probably beause I’m still somewhat civilized (eat shit, Michael).

Next time, I guess I’ll just “drink really fast,” the safer and more sound alternative to shotgunning. I’m going to go clean the beer off of myself and watch Tour de France re-runs now.


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