Good night, sweet prince

June 30, 2005

As some of you may know, my iRiver H-120 passed away in its sleep last week. I tried to wake it before our trip to Tennessee and it would not move. I am still in mourning, and I am still very much in shock. Why did it have to go? Why did it have to leave me, right before the road trip we were so looking forward to? So much time to spend together on the 7 hour journey. Why, H-120?

We shared so much, iRiver. Ireland… Ireland part 2…Hours spent in planes. There were 20 gigabytes worth of music we shared, almost daily. Do you remember that time we got really drunk, or, I got drunk, and walked around outside barefoot in the middle of the night, holding each other close? Do you, iRiver? No, you don’t. Because you’re gone now, gone forever. Sleep well, my prince. Sleep well.

Now, some of you may call it hasty, but I think my iRiver would want me to move on. It will be hard, but I’m going to make some phone calls and see if I can get another mp3 multi codec jukebox back into my life. I just can’t go on this way. So alone. So cold. Who will put the music back into my life?

I’m mulling over the options. A free refurb “replacement” of my lost love? My lover’s sister, the iRiver H10? A Toshiba Gigabeat? A Cowon X5? That would require a job.

I still don’t know what will fill this gap I have in my pocket and my heart. I just hope I find the answer soon.


One Response to “Good night, sweet prince”

  1. […] My iRiver H-120 mp3 player died a month or so ago, if you were unawares, and iRiver gives a one year warranty on their products – they’ll replace your player if anything happens to it. The problem I had was that I was going to be screwed if they asked for an invoice, mostly because I didn’t have one, on top of which I’m pretty sure I was over warranty. My registration on their website says I bought it when I registered it, and maybe they go on that fact alone. Honor system and such. I don’t know, but I’m happy they’re coming through, because sans my iRiver I am but a shell of a man. I really miss it. […]

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