The boy whose skin fell off

June 29, 2005

We’re all a bundle of nerves, making it through our days the best we can. Some days, we wake up and get suckerpunched. It’s a part of life. We all have our own hurdles thrown at us. Existing, even in its most basic form, is harsh. That’s what life is. A struggle.

Obviously, some people have it rougher than others. Here’s an example of what Suckerpunched means to me, only, it’s not an everyday hurdle thrown at most people – it’s a crippling blow dealt to a select few, for no reason given other than “that’s life.”

Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa. A boy is born with a condition that causes his skin to fall off. When touched, he blisters and bleeds and is subjected to great amounts of pain. His hands will be rendered almost worthless because of the continual damage done to them. They bulge, wrapped in gauze… two, large useless stumps. Bandages over his entire body must be changed every week. His back is one big, open sore. Because of this condition, the boy will never reach puberty.

What’s amazing about the thirty-six year old man in the short documentary I’m referring to is that he kept a “can’t keep me down” attitude. He could make a joke out of anything. And despite everything he had been through, he kept going and didn’t give up. Myself, I would have done my best to kill myself long ago.

That’s being suckerpunched – being handed something you have no control over and being forced to deal with it. I recommend you watch The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off on TLC if you get the chance. It was a sad thing to watch, but it made me realize how lucky I was to not be dying of cancer and to not have my skin falling off continually. Really. What can I say?

Most of all, I think it’s just a good demonstration that this world is not a good one, and we are all fucked. So make the best out of it while you can, and keep rolling with the punches.


One Response to “The boy whose skin fell off”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Dude, I watched that shit, and it made me cry like a little bitch, it was sad.

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