Battlefield 2, my new addiction

June 21, 2005

By the beard of Zeus, this game fucking rocks. I guess I seriously jumped the gun on calling the demo crap. America’s Army is going to have to move on over, because BF2 is now my new lover. It’s a warmonger’s dream. I can feel my eyes turning bloodshot and begging for mercy as we speak. While I definitely can’t play the game on high settings, I can play it on medium and it still looks pretty good. All of that choppy stuff is a thing of the past. Besides, the graphics really take a back seat to the communication and team work that’s been brought into the game. The maps are huge, and when you get on a fast server with 64 people playing against each other, well, there’s nothing quite like it yet when it comes to video games.

You can be a commander, calling in artillery strikes and giving intel to your men from satellite view, assigning missions, etc, or you can be lower on the rung and be a squad leader for up to 6 people. The commander can relay orders to you and you can choose to accept them. Or, you can give orders to your squad and request artillery from the commander. Even supply drops.

Communication is big, too. You can talk to people with your microphone and give orders or just use the in-game communications. Ie, look at an enemy vehicle and hit the “comms” button, then hit “enemy sighted” – it’ll tell the commander and everyone else there’s an enemy tank nearby and place it on the radar. And because it really does take teamwork to achieve objectives, people are more likely to stick with their squad leader/mates and follow orders and help each other out. Not to mention they’ve added medics into the game, so if you’re hit and you don’t die, you get to lie on the ground and stare at the sky while listening to the muffled fighting around you…until, praise be to Allah, a medic shows up, kneels over you, and treats you. Then you’re back into the fight, killing Evil Terrorists or slaying the Great Satan. Whatever floats your boat.

It’s fun. It even sounds like you’re in a war, with distant gun chatter and explosions. I’m sad that my new, expensive computer doesn’t cut it for high quality graphics settings, but for now I think I’m happy so long as I can play Battlefield 2. I think I smell a new addiction coming on. I’m gonna be geeking out and getting red eyes from this for a long time.


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