On the Flickr bandwagon

June 13, 2005

Just spent an hour trying to get Gallery off of my webserver. What a piece of dog shit. I’m not sure if it’s my 1&1 webhosting or just Gallery 2.0, but I’m leaning towards the latter, partial evidence being the horrible file structure. I swear there’s a hundred subfolders for every folder and its subfolder. Now that I’m done with all of that, I have something new to unveil: my updated photo gallery on Flickr. I’m happy to be done with that Gallery filth and on to something new.

Flickr isn’t free, but it’s only around two dollars monthly, so I don’t mind. You can also do incredibly cool stuff like this. See the square over the black man? Put your mouse on it. Ta-da, a note. Yes, you can add on-the-fly notes to your pictures. RAD, DUDE.

I almost felt guilty signing up because I’ve already got this (free) webhosting right here. Shouldn’t I use it? At the same time, I noticed there was some definite lag going on when trying to load all of my pictures on this server (it’s hosted in Germany – what the hell?) and, well, what’s the point in hosting a photo album on your site if the photo album isn’t set up the way you want it to be? With Flickr, I have unlimited bandwidth and storage, a 2 gigabyte monthly upload limit, which I will in no way ever pass, and I get cool gadgetry. It’s also very fast. On top of that, it keeps the high resolution back-ups that you post (so long as they’re not bigger than 1280 x whatever) for everyone to view. It just has an interesting system over all.

Flickr does have some down sides at the moment, like not being able to sort photos in an album alphabetically, etc. You’ve got to have the original photos from your digicam to get things in any form of chronological order, using EXIF info (embedded info in the picture containing stuff like what camera was used to take it & when it was shot). This was a severe pain for me to figure out, but I’m done with it now. That’s that.

The rest of Flickr seems great. I like being able to click randomly through thousands upon thousands of other peoples photos and leave comments. Entertaining.


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