I am alive

May 19, 2005

My backpack lies on my floor, everything still entact. All of the shirts reaking of sweat and Guinness and the grease of Irish breakfasts still rolled and tucked away. My room is a disaster, I can’t be bothered to do something as simple as clean up my beer cans, my rain coat or miscellaneous papers after something as big as the trip I just experienced. I wish I could preserve the high I got off of it, live that way every day of my life – with the confidence and the want to explore the world more, but I know with time, if I don’t act, it will fade. I suppose I’ll just have to save up some more money.

This is just an update to say that I will be updating later with stories from the trip, if I can get myself to actually complete them..it might be a wee bit difficult trying to relay everything that happened. You’d just have to be there. That’s what traveling is about. Maybe that’s a cop out and the sign of a bad writer. I don’t know. I’ll try.


I have updated my gallery with 300+ pictures from the trip, which you can check out if you like. I upgraded to a new version of the image gallery so things don’t look great and it seems to be slow, but the pictures are there. Enjoy…I sure as hell did.

For now, here’s a crappy entry I scribbled into my book while sitting in a smoke stained, delapidated room, across the train station in a city I didn’t particularly like

home sick in cork

4 stories up

in a suicide room

somebody’s last resort

ceiling cracked
wallpaper torn…
somebody’s smokey dream
falling apart at the seam
faulty wires makin a dark day darker

dirty sheets and dirty smiles

you won’t meet a soul but you can walk for miles
in a city with no heart

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