And it begins, pre-travel nerves

April 30, 2005

I’m exhausted from double checking plans, worrying about plane schedules, talking with Ted and getting the last few things I need into my backpack for the trip. Bastards at Cracker Barrel have me working until Sunday, which means I have one day off before I leave. I’ll be ready for a break, I just hope this trip doesn’t turn out to be more stressful than it is relaxing and fun. It’s nice to imagine yourself in another country, care-free in the open air with a beer in your hand, but it’s entirely different when it starts to creep up on you…

I think most people who have traveled or who have traveled alone can tell you that. It’s great in your mind, but when it comes down to the day before departure, you start to get alert and anxious.

You have to keep your head on your shoulders while traveling, really. You have x amount of money that you’ve worked your ass off for and you must use it wisely. You have to keep your eyes open because if someone nabs that passport of yours or any of your money, or anything else, you are fucked. You have to make sure you don’t snooze off and miss a flight or bus and you have to make sure that you can actually get some sleep before you get that bus or flight so you aren’t in a horrible state when you finally reach your destination. Alarm bells start ringing…

I’m more concerned about the first day than anything. I have to catch two flights, one of which is overnight and 8 hours, so I have to force myself to sleep a little in an economy seat. Then I land and catch a plane with 15 minutes to go, which I probably can’t do. I’ll miss it and wait 8 hours for my next flight wishing somebody would shoot me in the head. Then I fly into Ireland, bus an hour to Ennis and meet Ted.

Everything was planned, including bus schedules and plane schedules by yours truly, but Ted wanted to change a few things. Can’t blame him, it’s his trip too, but some planning would have been nice, god damn it! I’m the one who gets to look up all the bus schedules and coordinate it. Not to mention our bad start. He booked his tickets too early and he’ll be there a day ahead of me, which fucks a lot up. We’ve rolled with the punches and will meet elsewhere, but it is stressful trying to improvise and come up with new ideas.

Now I’m just trying to forget about it and drink some beers. Let’s hope alcohol and hate for my present situation can pull me through this. What happens, happens. All I’ve got to do is get through one more day of busting my ass and tell myself just that…there’s nothing to do but let it happen.

Make your flights, sit in your chair, close your eyes and go with it.


2 Responses to “And it begins, pre-travel nerves”

  1. Matt Says:

    Hope you’re enjoying Ireland. I’m boozing it by myself. Oh christ, we have catching up to do when you get back!

  2. jimmy Says:

    u r gay!

    but i luv u newayz kekeke


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