Drew & Ted’s Bogus Journey

April 20, 2005

Let’s hope none of this will involve playing a game of battleship with Death.

20+ emails later and after bitching at Ted endlessly, we finally have a set itinerary. I didn’t want to spend much time in Dublin, nor did I want to spend 7+ hours in a bus to get to see the Cliffs of Moher/Arans, but he didn’t really want to hike 5 days straight at 12 miles a day in Dingle, and I doubt he even knows where the Sherkin Islands are located. So we have compromised and now we’ve got an ad hoc plan. It’s all rather ballsy considering we don’t know if half of our transportation is reliable, but if we get stuck somewhere I’ll have a story to tell and I’ll get to punch Ted in the stomach, which is sure to make me happy.

As it stands, here is our trip:

May 4: Fly from London – Shannon. Bus to Doolin. Chill there, get early sleep.

May 5: Early Morning: Ferry to Aran Islands, Return by late afternoon. Hike and see Cliffs of Moher with beers during sunset (This was Ted’s romantic and fabulous idea. This is also where I will probably get piss drunk. I’m bringing Pepto this time, don’t worry.) Return to hostel.

May 6: Morning: Bus or drive to Dingle Town. Check out 50+ pubs. Hooray!

May 7-11: Hike the Dingle Way. The best part of the trip, hopefully.

May 12 – 13: Baltimore/Sherkin Islands. Pirate islands, yarrr!

May 14: Drive or Train to Dublin.

May 15-16: Dublin. Guinness plant..can’t beat that.

May 17: Depart

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