“Prince Charles Weds Parker Bowles”

April 9, 2005

So say the headlines. I believe the important part is that nobody gives a shit.

At this point I have to wonder exactly why the royal family of Britain exists and what they actually do. They sit about and have rocky marriages and die in car wrecks, but what else? CSPAN tells me that the royal family has nothing to do with the shouting done in the House of Commons and the tabloids show that Prince William was apparently bred to be put on magazine covers, none of which seems to benefit anyone at all. I would ask why the UK puts up with all of the soap opera horseshit, but we ourselves have elected one GW Bush, and so I suppose I do not have any right to comment.

Still, they should fess up. They’re just as fucked as us. They’ve got an inbred prince with horrible ears as a puppet leader for their country. We have something close, except he’s a president not prince, and being a puppet would be an improvement on his intelligence.

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