Mexico vs Iraq

March 30, 2005

Someone sent me this link today.

“There was no evidence that the detained Iraqis had ties to any terrorist groups, Mexican officials said. Still, the arrests spotlighted fears that terrorists might try to enter the United States from Mexico.”

Really? Think so?

Gimme a break. Any person with even subpar intelligence (they are religious zealots, after all) that wants to get into this country has quite a few options to choose from. Our southern border has obvious issues, we certainly don’t put too much effort into defending against a Canadian invasion, and then there’s the west coast.

So, maybe we should worry about keeping the Mexicans who can’t speak English from jumping the border into California and securing drivers licenses before we worry about stopping the conniving and oh-so-deadly terrorists in their tracks…?

Ah, well. I’m sure it will all work out. It’s America, after all.


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