March 11, 2005

Thanks to my tax refund, I have just received the Philips DVP-642. Consequently, I want to fly to the Philips headquarters and impregnate all of their employees.

Nevermind that I should be saving my money for future excursions to foreign lands – not only does the DVD player look fucking cool, like it could turn on some sort of light speed hyper-engine and zoom around my house being all sleek and silvery, but it plays Divx and Xvid files. I shouldn’t even have to go into why playing those types of movies is completely and totally god damn awesome (Porn, The Tick, Porn…). Given, they’re not going to be great quality with 5.1 sound or anything, but you can put a movie on a CD-R and pop it into your player and watch it like it’s any other movie. The future is here, and it is beautiful.

Now to round up all of the other Tick and Dr. Katz episodes I can find and burn them. Curse you Comedy Central for abandoning me in my time of need, and you as well, Adult Swim. I’ll take matters into my own hands.

Relevant info for my DVP642 bruddahs:
Fixing garbled images: “The colors will be all messed up and the image is pixelated. I find that this can be easily fixed by pressing the System Menu button and select Exit Setup.” Works for me.
Firmware upgrade for 642/37: here

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