‘Nother crappy work post

March 10, 2005

Today at work I was getting very, very angry — angrier than ever — with Philip, the stupid white boy who “raps” to himself and sort of stands around doing nearly nothing, but just enough to evade the watchful eye of the managers. Ok, so they aren’t very watchful. They come by every hour or two and say “Where is x?” and we all say “I don’t know,” and the manager goes back to whatever it was they were doing… probably counting money in the office. Nobody gets in trouble for not being there, nothing ever happens. So when I was working my ass off today as a dishwasher, or more accurately, the “laboring resident Cracker Barrel bitch,” Philip was in the bathroom jerking off and just basically being an awful jack ass. The boy is useless. I was about to confront him and yell profanities at him, and I’m sure something would have escalated from there (maybe he’d “Pop trunk” on me!), when I was asked rather randomly to help with a trash run with one of the shift leaders.

To get to the point, I’m the last one outside after all the trash is emptied and as I’m pulling a cart back in I see that there’s a piece of cardboard lying in the parking lot, the only piece of a box that happened to fall out onto the ground. It had the following printed on it in very large letters: “KEEP COOL.”

Punching Philip in the neck and maybe stomping on him and crushing his windpipe sounded like a good idea at the time, but it probably wasn’t, and I thank the God of Cardboard for steering me onto the right path. I can’t say I cooled down because I still hated his guts, but I did crack half of a smile before walking back into the restaurant, and I’m sure that was worth something.

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