Who would want to be such a control freak?

December 28, 2004

She carried in her every kind of thing
house, tree, telegraph pole, some say a thousand souls.
At 3am she gave Santa Paula a ring.
She was still 25 feet high
under a peaceful sky.
Because that water seeks her own,
for two more hours she would flow.
She had 19 miles more to go….

81,000 people just learned that life is shit. Maybe they already knew… they were from India, Thailand, Sri Lanka…what little they had in the first place is now destroyed.

Anyone want to step up and claim responsibility for this? Someone’s god or savior is accountable, and the class doesn’t get recess until he fesses up.

What’s so funny, Allah? Do you think natural disasters are a laughing matter? That’s detention for you, young man. Jesus, I will be speaking with your father, and he won’t be happy. Buddha, one more word out of you and you’re getting an F, mister. Thor, do you not see your name on the board?

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