November 22, 2004

I don’t watch basketball. I don’t like basketball. I believe it’s played by a bunch of shitheads with bad attitudes who make way too much money.

I guess you could say I don’t find the players very impressive. Like someone once said, it would be a feat if the guys were 4 foot 9, but they’re 7 feet tall. So, when they jump a few extra feet into the air and slam the ball through the net, I’m not going to drop my jaw in awe.

Either way, there was a riot at a game. Pistons vs. Pacers…Pioneers..Pirates? — I don’t really care. I saw a few of the clips and I just shook my head. Ron Artest, some flamboyant jerk-off, fouled someone and then decided to “lay down on the scorer’s table for no reason.” As someone pointed out to me, this is the same guy who wanted to take time off from basketball to promote his rap cd. After lying down on said table and looking like an idiot, he was beamed in the head with a cup thrown from the stands…like he should have been. He didn’t like that, though, and so he went insane and ran into the stands, punching the first person he saw that dared react to him. I doubt he even knew who threw the cup. After that, a few of his pals decided to jump into the stands and beat random people as well. You can watch it [here (under NBA)]

I only wish that the players were banned from the NBA, and that the fans actually got some nice punches in. You dicks make millions upon millions of dollars every year playing BASKETBALL. Wild guess, but you probably weren’t too wealthy growing up. You overcame that and now you’re rich – you play a GAME for a living – and you ruin it by doing stupid shit like this.

If I were in charge, I’d throw you out and I wouldn’t look back.

It’s just too bad that not everyone gets a second chance like these thugish assholes in the NBA. If you don’t realize what you have and you fuck it up, it’s tough luck for you. Simple as that. Why should it be any different for these guys? What makes them special? I saw an interview on tv following one of the clips and one of the players said something about the fans making “insensitive remarks.” Give me a break. I’d think with your lifestyle, you could afford a few cruel remarks thrown your way. Even a few cups.

That is why basketball sucks. Case in point would be the USA men’s basketball performance at the Olympics… a bunch of tall black guys who grew up doing nothing but playing basketball losing to a bunch of short Europeans. Good one, guys.

One Response to “basketball”

  1. It’s just white collar crime.

    If I, a middle class white kid, punched the shit out of 2 or 3 people, I would be thrown in jail, IMMEDIATELY. I wouldn’t be escorted to the locker room and go home to my super model wife and mansion with 9 Ferrari’s and a Hummer. I would be in jail. I would be charged with assault and would serve time just like any other poor asshole. Why is this so different?

    If some drunk bastard walking down the street called me names and cursed at me, and I beat him senseless, I would go to jail.

    It doesn’t matter what people say to you, if you beat somebody’s ass, it’s assault. End of story. There’s no excuse, and Artest should be in prison.

    I really do think it’s the Republican’s fault for not making white collar crime a bigger deal. It blows my mine that you can serve time for stealing a CD player from Wal-Mart, but you get probation for stealing a shit-ton of money.

    Artest is suspended from the NBA for the rest of the season. If I went to my job and knocked the shit out of a ***CUSTOMER*** I would be fired. On the spot, no questions asked, no goodbye, no press conferences, no sympathy, no job. I would be gone.

    Why are these people so different?

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