Why pop music sucks

October 24, 2004

Or to go even further, why commercialized music sucks. This is why I get scared when my favorite bands make it big. Because a lot of the time, they’re forced to cater to a crowd that enjoys music made by people like Ashlee Simpson. And Ashlee Simpson does things like THIS:

She has also apparently mastered the art of “stupid dancing,” (as opposed to say, dirty dancing?) which had me laughing really, really hard. Now, if anyone had a question as to if people like this are ruining music, well there’s your fucking answer. If you can’t sing live, then you can’t sing. You suck. That’s something you cannot blame on your band. Your sister is an idiot with a crappy tv show, and you make bad music. Stop making bad music. Ashlee? Ashlee Simpson. Listen to me. Dear god, I beg of you, listen to me: STOP MAKING SHITTY MUSIC.

End of story. I doubt something like that will have any effect on the legion of mall walking teeny boppers that adore her and all of the other “artists” that they shouldn’t be listening to, but hey, at least it was comedic.

2 Responses to “Why pop music sucks”

  1. That was probably the funniest thing I’ve seen on Saturday night live in a few years. Good job, Lorne.

  2. Josh Says:

    and wow.

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