The gay debates

October 16, 2004

For whatever reason, Bush & Cheney are upset that their opponents had the gall to bring up Cheney’s gay daughter in the debates. While I think Kerry/Edwards did a horrible job at sneaking that subject into the debate (as Jon Stewart said: You love your GAY DAUGHTER GAY DAUGHTER GAY DAUGHTER), I don’t know why anybody is angry.

Let me get this straight: you can drag everything about your personal & family life into your politics except when it’s something that could damage you? It’s ok to cater to the religious right by continuously bringing up just how devoted a Christian you are, and it’s ok to drone on and on about “not messin’ with Texas,” and it’s ok to bring up those strong family values of yours, but if there’s a gay daughter somewhere in the mix, it’s time to turn the cameras off?

Why am I not surprised…

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