Salt water and power lines

September 19, 2004

After Ivan blew its wad (and what a wad! Sorry Pensacola/FWB) things seemed to get back to normal here. All with the exception of the power being off. And by normal, I mean within a day of Ivan’s passing there wasn’t a cloud in the damn sky. Pretty surreal.

That said, there’s nothing quite like wearing the same underwear for three days straight and dealing cards to yourself in the dark. “Rummy ON THE BOARD!” just isn’t the same without another person in the room. There is a bright side – all of the candles used in the past 5 days were scented, and so the house is now imbued with the fresh and delightful scent that is lilac and cinammon. Also, having spent a couple nights alone in the dark I am now at peace with both my inner self AND nature. We are one. Fear us.

Back to Ivan’s wad. Being where I am in Florida, I was lucky enough to catch the salty goodness all over my face without putting myself in any real danger. Well, for the most part. Had the stop sign at the end of the street decided to come apart on one of its many twists and turns, I’m sure I could have been decapitated in a very exciting manner. But I wasn’t, and I’m happy I stayed despite the whole “power” thing. Besides, it’s a good reality check. The power goes off, you’re forced to sit and watch as mother earth displays her dominance…etc, etc. It could have been the many beers I had ingested prior to the main event getting me over-excited, but it all was absolutely incredible to watch. Sheets of rain hitting the streets, cloud after cloud moving across the sky at a hundred miles an hour, bright green flashes in the distance…of what I guess were my power lines exploding. Amazing stuff.

You too could experience the wonderous Hurricane! Visit Florida.

Anyway, my town didn’t take that much damage and I suppose that’s why everyone within a hundred miles has descended upon our fair streets to make use of our fast food restaurants and stores. Doesn’t help that McDonald’s and Wal-Mart are on the same intersection. Total chaos out there right now.

On that note, you can check out the pretty pictures I took [here].

One Response to “Salt water and power lines”

  1. […] And does he blow hard – 150 miles per hour. People are going even crazier over this one than the last. The interstates are closed up in Alabama (which really doesn’t make any sense – when the hurricane gets up there it’s going to be another storm and nothing more) and people are going nutty once again over gas, batteries, and just about anything they can get their hands on down here in Florida. […]

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