There are no happy airport endings

September 9, 2004

I went and saw Garden State this weekend. At first I thought I was just hungover and tired or something, but now that I look back on the movie, I feel the same. I had two strong emotions after coming out of that theater…

The first would be saddened. Mostly because guys like me who sit around and listen to Iron & Wine or The Shins in the dark, alone in their rooms, are just lowly, depressing people and they never get better and they don’t meet Natalie Portman girls who rescue them from emotional death. They just rot and play crappy acoustic guitar and float through life without changing. There are no happy airport endings.

And secondly… I’m sort of jealous. Yeah. I’m no writer and I’m no film maker and I’m definitely not an actor, I’m extraordinarily useless in fact, but I almost felt like I had something stolen from me. You mean if I wrote about getting anti-depressants thrown at me like candy, or feeling numb and and lost and alone, I could have won an Oscar or something? Who would have fucking thought… I was under the impression that most people couldn’t relate.

Either way, the movie was really good.
I guess…

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