“Let’s have a war so you can go and die”

April 27, 2004

Sign up now! We’ll pay for college, make you a man, and give you stumps for legs! We’re an Army Of One.

I hate to sound like a “god damned hippy-protester”, but the whole Iraq thing is getting sort of hard to ignore. A man can’t mindlessly flip through channels anymore without hearing about it. It’s also hard to ignore when people you know get shipped overseas.

What’s sad is how the kids who get shipped back, like those in that interview above, try to sound cheerful & optimistic. The rest of their lives are spent struggling with metallic legs, or wheelchairs, or bags to shit in, because our jack ass of a president wanted to show he was capable of waging a war like his daddy was. Well, that’s cause for optimism if I ever heard one. I suppose the Army couldn’t allow an interview if the patients were extremely depressed or angry, like they should be…

What is wrong with us anyway? Seems like Americans were made to be manipulated. Our government abuses our country’s understandable anger and confusion after 9/11 to get us involved with another war, a pointless one. Then when things in the war turn sour, our government relies on our now general state of apathy in hopes that things won’t get out of control. Because remember, you’re not supposed to care about one or more soldiers killed a day, every day, for who knows how many years in the stinking shithole that is Iraq. You’re nowhere near it. It doesn’t effect you. Unless of course it’s your son or father or brother or cousin, nephew, brother in law, friend who dies or gets sent back missing a leg.

6 years ago we wanted to impeach Clinton for getting a blow job. Now after Bush lies to congress (WMD’s, anybody?) and rushes us into war, it’s not even considered. Instead, we’re thinking about re-electing him.

All I gotta say is: If that man is elected again, I’m jumping ship. Because a boat filled with this many idiots can do nothing but sink. Canada, Europe – any vacancies?

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