March 26, 2004

That’s right, THE MAGIC CONE!

Let me elaborate. This is a small paper cone which allows women to pretend they’re men, by giving them the ability to pee while standing up. AFTER ALL, it’s common knowledge that women have wanted to do this for ages. Its as important to them as the right to vote. And just like they shouldn’t be able to vote, they shouldn’t be able to pee standing up. That is, without spraying urine everywhere in a very undignified manner. Regardless…enter THE MAGIC CONE!!!

Sadly, I foresee women soiling themselves in public bathrooms all across the country. And seeing as how my future jobs will probably be limited to the custodial field, I feel it is my duty to link to this Flash animation, which shows just how to use this wonderful new invention:

Not that it’s gonna help. Get a penis already


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