Canada jumps on the mp3 bashing bandwagon

February 14, 2004

Canada seems like a nice place. Some times they seem like a less conservative version of the United States. But then they do stuff like this that just kinda makes them look like another one of our very large states:

CALGARY � Canada’s recording industry has launched a legal hunt for at least 29 consumers it says illicitly share music files over the Web, but it must first win an opening skirmish against Internet service providers who are refusing to hand over customer information.

The case pits the Canadian Recording Industry Association against at least one major ISP, Shaw Communications Inc., which provides high-speed cable Internet service to 900,000 Canadians. Telus Corp., Rogers Cable Inc., Bell Canada’s Sympatico unit and Quebecor Inc.’s Vid�otron T�l�com Lt�e will also be in court.

You’d think they would have learned from the fact that just about every average joe MP3-downloader in America hates the fucking RIAA, but I guess not. I guess Celine wants her money. AND SHE WANTS IT NOW! All that’s left is to stop the free medical care and pour all tax money into the military. Join us, Canada. JOIN US.

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