Nipples and Naked Men

February 2, 2004

I think yesterday can only be explained visually:


The news and the FCC are pretty much putting the ‘Janet’s Tit’ incident up there with the World Trade Center destruction, it’s on tv about every 2 minutes with a blur over the “sinful area” and everyone is of course TERRIBLY SHOCKED! I really didn’t think it was that big of a deal. A tit with a pastie (upon closer inspection I guess it’s some sort of gigantic piercing) is nothing new, but I suppose America just isn’t ready for it yet. It IS, however, OK to air commercials with cock biting dogs, farting horses, and men with kilts standing over air vents, I guess. Probably because they pay millions of dollars for each commercial. Lesson learned: if you want to show a tit on tv, have a multi billion dollar company sponsor it.Anyway, the coolest part about the game was this man:



…who apparently charged the field right after Janet’s tit. It wouldn’t have been nearly as cool if the Patriot didn’t feel the need to chase him and tackle him.Sadly, our hero was not shown on tv. But I’ll definitely be watching next year. Thank you CBS

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